About the Blauthor

About James

James Aaron Curtis is co-founder of Capital City Comic Con, greater Lansing’s own comic convention.

James also works in Lansing, Mich. as marketing manager for McLaren Health Care, one of the largest health care providers in the state, specializing in marketing, public and community relations.

Originally from Warren, Mich., James and his wonderful, beautiful wife Katelyn and daughter Charlie, live and play in Holt with their ancient, yet spritely miniature pinscher, Dakota.

An English major from Michigan State University with a Master’s in Business Administration, James has a passion for all things entertainment and freelances as writer, designer, and marketing strategist when available.

Currently writing his first novel, Lovely, you can occasionally find James at a random open mic night somewhere in Lansing.

About the Blog

With a creative wanderlust, the scope of James’ blog has historically ranged widely, from film, book and music reviews to experiments in vegetarianism. Though James’ future rantings will hardly be predictable–including posting frequency and themes–you can expect James to deliver on his trademark quirky bitterness.


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