NaNoWriMo–Here We Come

OK! In the spirit of #NaNoWriMo, and just getting it going, I’ve put together a quick lunchtime working title and synopsis before this evening’s session. The point, just write! Worry about whether or not it’s good or original later!

The Bumblebear Theatre
Author: J.A. Curtis
Genre: Satire/Humor

Aaron West, a father and failed musician struggling with debilitating anxiety, quits his comfortable office career to follow his dream by spending his life’s savings on a rundown church hoping to transform it into a rock club–without consulting his wife. As it becomes clear the club could never be as he envisioned, a mysterious theatre troupe appears with an alternative solution that sets Aaron on a hilarious and heart-wrenching path of discovery as he struggles to cope with the internal contradiction of his own neuroses and ambitions.

I’m sure it will change, so here’s my official NaNoWriMo site to follow along on my progress!


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