The First Day on Earth

I’ve been asked many times what would I do if it were my last day on earth. It’s a long list-go places I’ve never been, speak to people I haven’t in years, rush through my bucket list… It’s all a race against time.

That’s the wrong question. We’re all racing against the clock anyway, trying to fit as much in before we ripen and are plucked to feed the mouth of fate.

The question is counter-intuitive: “What will you do when you’ve run out of time?” Well, the answer is nothing. You’re out of time.

“What would you do if today was your first day on earth?” That’s the question you should be asking yourself.

Assume, for a moment, that you’ve no existence prior to this moment. No debts, no deadlines, no regret. No ailments, no governors, no doubt, no shame. You are pure, unadulterated spirit.

Sure, you have some memory of the world. This is all hypothetical, after all. With that in mind, where would you run? Where does your first step in this world lead? Because, after all, time is running out, but it’s also just beginning.

“What would you do if today was your first day on earth?”


2 responses to “The First Day on Earth

  1. I’d go out into the woods and listen to the birds singing. I’d have a picnic of french bread, cheese, and a good Cabernet. I’d have binoculars. Then I would hear a creek and would go put my feet in its clear, cool water. Guppies would nibble my toes.
    Then I’d take a quick road trip down to the shore, maybe listen to some Jackson Browne on the way. I would walk on the beach and feel the salt wind in my hair and wait for the sunset while I finished my Cabernet.
    Then I’d have to find a B&B because I shouldn’t drive after drinking a whole bottle of wine in one afternoon. The proprietor would be an elderly man with white hair named Jonathan, and we would sit in rocking chairs by the fireplace and he would tell me stories about his life. The bookshelves would hold all of my favorite novels, and after Jonathan turned in, I would stay up late reading and then doze off in my chair.
    And THAT is what I would do on my first day. Thanks for asking.


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