One More August

Today’s post is short and most likely misleading to many. I have often felt that August has been my month of spiritual recycling–the Spring of my soul–so much so that I once named a band after it.

It had been the month of soul-seeking vacations, the dying summer before the start of the true year, the promise of the next cycle and launch of many ambitions.

Two Augusts ago, on this day, I ventured down the least ambitious of my paths, for the only final decision I have ever made–marrying Katelyn, the love of my life.

The purpose of this post is to reach out to those closest to us and thank you for being as much a part of our marriage as our love for each other is. From our parents to more family and friends, we have a blessed life that we have you to thank for. We’ve had our share of struggles, but we have never lacked for your love and support.

So on this day, on behalf of Katelyn and I, we thank you all for this August and every August hereafter.

Happy Anniversary.


2 responses to “One More August

  1. You have been a blessing, not only our wonderful Katelyn, but our entire family. We love you both so much. Happy 2nd Anniversary and many many more.
    Mom Schell


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