The first rule of Fight Club is…

…use the right gloves on the heavy bag, not your Nike lifting gloves. you know, the ones that you never lift with?

There’s a lesson somewhere here, I know it. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Don’t let your enthusiasm get in the way of caution–or logic, for that matter. Don’t smash your knuckles between two competing pieces of vinyl.

No, I don’t think it’s any of these. I think today’s lesson is that when life gives you bloody knuckles, you learn how to kick. For example, since my Macbook has been stolen, I’m incapable of creating killer featured images on my relic of a laptop. Solution? Take bloody pictures.

Boxing. What a cool sport. I’ve never particularly cared for watching the matches, but they are the greatest guy movies. Forget Rudy, Braveheart, The Hangover… no. Give me this guy in my corner everyday of my life:

Gloves! You gotta put your gloves on, dammit!

And I will never fail at anything. It’s debate time… Best boxing movie of all time? Rocky, The Fighter, Diggstown? Nope. Not for me. Cinderella Man makes me, a grown over-sensitive sports lover, choke up ever damn time.

What’s your fave?



4 responses to “Knucklehead

  1. Rocky actually did affect me when it first came out – before it became a cliche. The sequels did nothing for me. But, I think the “indie” feel of the original film – and Stallone’s early circa outing gave it a sense of sincerity that no other Sly movie has approached. I still have not seen Cinderella Man – mostly because I was boycotting Crowe for being a jerk at the time. Maybe I should grow up, get over it, and have a look. If it affects you that much, it’s definitely gotta be worth the rental.

    That all being said, I think Raging Bull has got to be one of the all time best. It literally set a standard for all boxing flicks to follow.

    (Condolences, btw, on your Mac-loss. Do you think you are projecting your anger by diving into boxing flicks?)


    • Well, for starters, I am definitely projecting all of my anger onto the actual punching bag. The movies are just a supplement. Thanks for the condolences. She was a big part of the family.

      Raging Bull was outstanding. Scorsese/DeNiro… hard to go wrong. I felt like this was more of a DeNiro vehicle than anything else. He was nuts. Ha! But, boxing movies can’t really be classified as such. Really, they’re underdog stories, character studies or both. Then, of course, is the biopic. Cinderella Man and Raging Bull are very similar in this manner.

      I certainly understand your Russell Crowe reservations. But, art and the artist and all that. I never would have seen the Dark Knight if I let Christian Bale’s rant rattle me. I never would have seen anything of Tom Cruise’s since he went crazy on the couches of talk show hosts. Oh, wait. I haven’t. Point taken. 🙂


  2. Actually, i have to agree completely with you James. Cinderella Man has been the only fighting/boxing movie to literally put me on the edge of my seat. no seriously, the first time i watched it i moved to the very edge of the couch.

    Anger is good, just need to learn to control it.


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