Muppets & Mail-na Mahna

“What? Separate pricing for movies AND streaming?! No wonder I’m going out of business…”

How ineffective has e-mail become. I mean, really. It’s awful. Right at this moment, 90% of your inbox is spam. Because of that, you’ll probably completely avoid the other 10% and it’ll be two months before you realize that you missed out on free shipping for P90X2. When you’re an incredible physical specimen and a model of fiscal responsibility as I am, missing out on a deal like that can be devastating.

Work e-mail is even worse than personal. Check out this article from CNN about a European company that has decided to dissolve their e-mail system over the next two years. Ok, seriously, how bad has it got that companies find e-mail COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE?! At work recently, we had an internal fund-raising campaign focused on raffling gift baskets. After weeks of mass e-mails, and days of presentations, employees would still stop and ask on the final day of the campaign, “What are these baskets for?”

E-mail has gone the way of the snail-mail: too much garbage, too little meaningful correspondence. I imagine this is how the Pony Express went under:

“Listen, Kevin Costner, I don’t care that cattle is 2 for 1, women can vote, or that denim’s been invented, just give me my Netflix and get the hell out of here!”

(Was that sexist? That was probably sexist. Forgive me, it was meant to be an accurate period piece. Pardon the pun. Netflix sure was different back then.)

Considering the nature of the blog, it isn’t very reassuring to know where my subscribers receive their latest news from me.

Speaking of things that are obsolete, on to The Muppets!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall may be the best under-rated comedy of all time, at least in my book, so The Muppets wasn’t much of a hard sell with Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller reteaming to pen this version of Jim Henson’s creations. The gang is all back, complete with a brand new Muppet, Walter, who happens to be Gary’s (Jason Segel) brother. It’s weird, but we don’t ask questions. Like how you can drive to France. Or give Dave Grohl less screen time than Sarah Silverman. Or think that another Neil Patrick Harris cameo is a good idea.

Regardless, The Muppets made me giggle and laugh whole-heartedly plenty of times. The Muppets knack for enticing laughter (the third greatest gift of all), has always been charged by their lovable innocence and tongue-in-cheek social commentary that often approaches but never surpasses edgy. The Muppets is no different, but it’s clear that Segel and Stoller are out to prove how timeless Kermit and company truly are. The film’s real magic lies in how little effort that requires.

Grade: B-


PS: In case you forgot…


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