The Bitter Vegetarian Is Moving!

That’s right, your friendly neighborhood lactovist is coming to a neighborhood near you! Or further from you! Depending on who you are, you may be excited for one or the other!

I’ve been posting a bit infrequently lately (and believe me, I abhor being the guy who posts, “sorry I haven’t posted in a while”), but that is in part due to the Curti’s hunt for new digs, which we have found in beautiful Downtown Howell! And no, I won’t write a single sentence in this post without ending it with an exclamation point!

Beginning November first, The Bitter Vegetarian will be transplanted to and broadcasting exclusively from elegant, ritzy, and embellishing Downtown Howell, but have no fear, the Bitter will never be better! I’m planning a series of posts in the coming weeks that ought to whet your appetite for all of your bitter fruits and internet complaining!

Check back soon for more, but in the meantime, “Stay Bitter, America!”





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