Progress Report

Oh, vegetables. Thine age-old nemesis of nutrition. The bane of my bean. The scourge of my squash. Why dost thou supplant me so?

Enough with the Shakespearean melon-drama (okay, one more, I couldn’t resist).

It’s been a month since I became a lactovist. What have I learned?

1. I still don’t like vegetables. Carbs and dairy still make up most of my diet. I am attempting to broaden my horizons and discover tasty veggies, but it’s been slow-going.

2. Vegetables spoil. I know that green beans don’t stay fresh forever, but I never realized that you must have a plan for the produce you buy, much like how you would plan to prepare the chicken sitting in the fridge: which recipe on which night before you’re forced to pitch it. I’ve wasted a lit of money on veggies by not having something specific in mind for them.

3. There’s no protein in the multi-vitamins I’ve been taking. Okay, so that’s not exactly related, but I freaked out about it anyway. Lay off me, I’m starvin’!

4. Fast food is useless. I still don’t eat salad, so unless I’m on the hunt for french fries, you can pretty much rule that out. Taco Bell’s bean burrito is about the only qualifying item. Let’s face it. It doesn’t really qualify as anything.

5. People are supportive. Even if they say, “God, you’re an idiot,” they’re showing some love. I think…

That’s all for now. I’ve learned a bit more, but more on that later.



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