Where, Oh Where Have You Bean?

So there’s 3 foods that I’m really enjoying right now.

The first is a loaf of vegan bread that my good friend and vegetarian enthusiast Katie baked as a gift. I have not included a picture. You can probably guess why. It was that good. I’m going to have to coax Katie into providing that recipe for everyone.

That's ah one spicy meat...er...bean ball!

Second, are MorningStar Farm’s Chipotle Black Bean Burgers. Wow. And I do mean wow! Spicy, juicy, and meaty, it’s the closest thing to an all-beef nicorette patch I can find. Plus I can throw them on the BBQ. Score! These are made especially good between two toasted pieces of vegan bread… Just sayin’.

Lastly, but not leastly, is Zoup!’s vegan chili. All kidding aside, I had to twice ask the staff at Twelve Oaks Mall’s Zoup! if they had made a mistake. I swear it was real chili. Packed with spices, beans and what I assumed to be meaty bits of soy, this bowl of warm, wholesome, meat-free goodness had me lickin’ my chops. I’m still pretty sure someone was lying to me. If somebody out there knows something that I don’t, keep it to yourself. Don’t ruin my illusion.

I keep stumbling onto these foods at the suggestion of others, and little by little it’s becoming less difficult to avoid meat.

Thanks everybody!



One response to “Where, Oh Where Have You Bean?

  1. Hey! I’ve been away from the internet for about two weeks cuz I was sick, but, I’m super happy you liked the bread!! Super duper simple, I’ll give the recipe to Kate the next time we talk as I dont remember it off the top of my head… 🙂

    Keep up the good work James!


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