Off the Sauce – Ways to Wean My Appetite

People have been pointing out a variety of ways that I can satisfy the carnivore in me with these simple products. I haven’t bothered to see if they actually contain any meat or not, but let’s have a look!

Mmm. Lather me up in lard!

Usually I'm trying to pick this out of my teeth.

Nothing quite like the cool refreshing taste of Denny's Grand Slam to prepare you for your next meeting.

This is soap. All of it. I've always wanted buns to wash my... Nevermind. Lettuce forget about that.

Meat flavored chips. For those difficult moments when you can't decide which to reach for.

Thanks everybody! Keep those suggestions coming!


One response to “Off the Sauce – Ways to Wean My Appetite

  1. A few recommendations:

    Herr’s Baby Back Rib Chips:
    – These are incredible and have now amassed a cult following at MCC’s Center Campus thanks to me.

    Jones Seasonal Sodas:
    – Turkey, Salmon Pate, Christmas Ham and Bacon all exist and can supplement your new bland diet.

    I just realized that I have slim jims and meatballs so I am going to eat those now.


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