The Devil & Johnny Depp

Not a barbarist.

I want to talk about something that may potentially make me look bad, which Johnny Depp is going to help me illustrate.

One of my interests in vism lies with developing a better diet in the face of survival situations. I’m allergic to seafood, so I have one less resource to tap into in a worst-case scenario.

One thing I want to make abundantly clear, however, is that in that scenario I have no qualms about hunting for food. Meat’s back on the menu at that point, when it comes down to it.

This leads me into a dilemma. I’ve thought about deer hunting for a long time. It appeals to me mostly as an educational tool–not a hobby. Of course, the cave man in me would love to wrestle a mastadon to the earth with my bare hands and enjoy the spoils, but all barbarism aside, learning how to survive in the wild is serious business and hunting lies at the core of it.

Definitely a barbarist. And that's a double entendre, folks!

So my dilemma is this: do I, a vegetarian, hunt and eat animals in order to gain a valuable skill? Or, do I bury that desire to align with my cause?
This leads me to another thought: is eating animals that you hunt in the wild more or less acceptable than eating store-bought, most-likely mistreated animals? At what point is an animal’s death acceptable? When is it a necessary evil? Where is the line drawn?

What do you think?


3 responses to “The Devil & Johnny Depp

  1. If you are lost or stranded in a place and you have no resources, then I believe hunting is required. However, sorry James, I dont believe in hunting otherwise. You’re in a place where you are not in any danger of needing to know how to kill a deer to survive. I totally get wanting to educate yourself, but still, it makes me feel horribly uncomfortable thinking about hunting. I’d pass. Deer are rarely killed in one quick shot (unless you’re really good) most of the time, they get hit and suffer and try to run away until 1.) the hunter catches up and puts it out of its misery or 2.) it manages to get away and dies a slow, agonizing death. I just dont think it’s necessary to take a life if it’s not there to help you survive. Not to say that the massive slaughterhouses are acceptable by any means. Honestly, both slaughterhouses and hunting for sport disgusts me. BUT, a lot of people feel the same, so that’s why there are a lot more options for cruelty-free meats nowadays. Matt and I always try and look for cruelty-free meats when I do eat meat, or at the very least hormone and steroid free meats. Like I said, I hardly eat meat these days anyways, but lots of places are getting cruelty-free options (even the farmer’s markets and places like trader joes). I think that if you ever find yourself stranded in a forest with nothing to eat, your instincts would kick in. Look at cavemen. They didnt have guns, or knives or arrows, nor did they have super markets to spoil them. They just had instincts, and were able to take out animals for meat just using what was around them. I like to think we would be able to do the same if faced with dire circumstances…These are just my ramblings though. I love animals too much to think about harming one myself if my survival didnt depend on it.

    I told Matt the other day, if you are able to keep this up, you’ll be the only vegetarian at our wedding, and we’ll have to order a special dinner for you, lol! I thought of you yesterday actually too. I made an AWESOME bread yesterday without the use of eggs. It’s so good, I ate half the loaf just by myself, lol!


    • A simple no would have sufficed… But seriously, it’s not my instincts kicking in that I would be worried about in that scenario. It’s the old joke; how do you outrun a bear? You don’t. You just outrun the guy in front of you. What I mean by that is that people with established hunting skills have an edge on the rest of us. If the world ends and food is scarce, they’ll have a monopoly on the meat. I’m not kidding myself, I realize this is an improbabilty, but it isn’t impractical to prepare.

      It’s a long time until your wedding, and if I can last that long without eating meat I think the whole planet will stop spinning.


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