Where’s the Beef?

Not my stomach, thankfully.

It’s been two weeks since the beginning of this “project,” and there are some things that I am surprised to find. First and foremost, I’m rather shocked that I don’t find myself craving meat. It’s nothing like my morning coffee. Step away from my coffee and everything will be alright. I thought that there would be this void in my stomach, where some creature with jagged teeth and little beady eyes would be howling from the abyss until it’s hunger is satisfied, but no. My body harbors no traitors, in this respect anyway.

I also thought that I would be lethargic, dragging myself behind me all day long, like those DUI commercials with the keg chained to the poor sap’s leg. Also not the case. In fact, I would venture to say that I actually have more energy, from the start of the day to the finish. For example, I play in a Monday night softball league and feel much lighter running around the base path. It seems that vism has disconnected my own personal anchor. I don’t know if I’ve actually lost any weight. My scale has turned into a cruel jokester who adds anywhere from 50 to 200 lbs to whomever he decides to prank.

The real struggle with this change has been simply finding food to eat. It’s no longer as simple as coming home, opening up the freezer and throwing a burger on the grill. I mean, there’s Boca Burgers, but I haven’t graduated to those yet. I’m not looking forward to those at all… No, the difficulty with vism is the culture shock that you must endure with your decision. Vegetarians, or at least greenhorn vegetarians like myself, have reverted back to foraging. At least that what it feels like when I scour the cupboards for qualifying sustenance. It’s much the same when eating out. In short, vism forces you out of a passive eating machine and into an active participant in your own diet. I, for one, enjoy being a passive eating machine, but it’s clear that really isn’t a healthy thing to do.

So check out my posts this weekend, as I take a look around Lansing to investigate farmer’s markets and take an even further active role into vism.



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